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Champion 2014

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“Champion” is a “diamond in the rough” story about a dog named Scout, a cattle dog who decided she didn’t like herding cattle. Scout’s owner Billy (Lance Henriksen), a rancher struggling to stay in business, pegs her as a useless, broken tool and has every intention of replacing her. But when his city slicker granddaughter, Madison (Dora Madison Burge) spends the summer on his ranch, the two outcasts form a special bond that ushers Scout into the new arena of dog agility competition.

Original Title: Champion
Release Date: 2014
IMDB Ratings:
Genres: Family
Director: Kevin Nations, Robin Nations
Cast: Lance Henriksen, Dora Madison Burge, Cody Linley, Kate Krause, Farah White, Jon Michael Davis, Miranda Money, Reis Myers McCormick


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