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Pawn 2013

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Categories: Crime, Thriller
Quality: BDRip 

Pawn 2013 poster

This is the story of the ex-prisoner, who gets caught in a tricky game between the FBI, local police and gangsters. A simple heist turns into high stakes hostage situation. Pawn is really our first scripted project. Still, it is more of a pilot project. Scripting was minimal but we wanted to step away from our previous random/impromptu videos and attempt a proper project. We were unsure of our capabilities and resources to shoot a whole short film so we decided on making a trailer. This is more of a faux trailer as we had no intentions of turning it into a full short, hence the length. Whatever it is, we hope you enjoy it. We would like to thank everyone who helped in any and every way possible to make this production a success. And to you viewers, thanks for watching and guess what.

Original Title: Pawn
Release Date: 19 April 2013
IMDB Ratings: 5,6/10 from 2 645 users
Genres: Crime, Thriller
Director: David A. Armstrong
Cast: Nikki Reed, Forest Whitaker, Sean Faris, Ray Liotta, Jessica Szohr, Stephen Lang, Michael Chiklis

Runtime: 88 min
Language: English

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Quality: BDRip, AVI, 720 x 304, AC3 448 kbps, 6 ch, 1,25 GB | Link from Asfile


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