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Wonder 2017

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Categories: Drama
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A touching story about a boy named Augustus Pullman, born with facial deformity. On the one hand, he is the same as the other boys of his age – he likes to go to birthdays to his friends, play computer games, he is fanatical about Star Wars, he plays with his dog, quarrels and makes peace with his older sister. And on the other, he is not at all like the other boys of his age. First, August never went to a regular school – from the first grade, his mother was teaching him at home. Secondly, August had 27 operations to help him see, hear and breathe. Because of the very rare, but sometimes occurring genetic error, August does not have a face. And such a boy should go to Beecher Prep school to attend fifth grade. For the first time. To ordinary children. And so, after a long time of home schooling, he goes to school, but his appearance frightens and repels peers. August does not give up hope to prove that he is no worse than “normal” children and, moreover, is able to become an excellent friend to them. Will this extraordinary boy be able to overcome the prejudice and convince everyone that he is just like them?

Original Title: Wonder
Release Date: November 17, 2017
IMDB Ratings: n/a
Genres: Drama
Director: Stephen Chbosky
Cast: Owen Wilson, Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts
Runtime: n/a
Language: English

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