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Wreck-It Ralph 2012

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Categories: 3D, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family
Quality: BDRip  3D 

Wreck-It Ralph 2012

Ralph is a minor character eight-computer game, and he was tired of being in the shadow of the hero, the master of all trades, Felix, who is always there to “fix” the situation! After thirty years of diligent work in the role of villain, during which all the praise fallen to the lot of Felix, Ralph does not want to be bad. Video game villain wants to be a hero and aims to fulfill his dream. He goes to trip on the arcade games of different genres, but his journey brings havoc to the whole arcade, where he lives.

Original Title: Wreck-It Ralph
Release Date: November 2, 2012
IMDB Ratings: 7,8/10 from 129 577 users
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family
Director: Rich Moore
Cast: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Skylar Astin, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk, Dennis Haysbert, Ed O’Neill

Runtime: 108 min
Language: English

Wreck-It Ralph movie download:
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Quality 2: BDRip 1080p 3D HSBS, MKV, 1920 x 1080, 5.1 DTS 1510 Kbps, 10,91 GB | Link from Asfile


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